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Our approach is to find the highest relative strength funds, buy then while they are strong, and to trade out of them as they lose relative strength.

Trading funds with high relative strength has historically outperformed the overall market. Here’s an example of a simple one fund trading system using Fidelity’s Select Funds that has been around for years.

Relative Strength

We’ve found that using a relative strength ranking base on price change only does a poor job of finding the best mutual funds to invest in. Our rankings factor in the recent risk adjusted performance so that we find funds that are more likely to be in an extended move up, and not just in a wide trading range.

We have information on combining this relative strength trading with other risk reductions techniques. This includes a real plan of diverisification, and combining that with some simple hedging techniques that can even be followed in a tax sheltered plan like an IRA. We also take a look at some simple market timing approaches that can be followed successfully using mutual funds.

Trade Just 4 Times a Year

Our rankings are tailored to allow you to trade without the early redemption fees many funds and brokerages will charge. For example, Fidelity has over 100 funds that you can hold for 90 days or less and trade without restrictions. Our testing has found that there is often enough to capture the major trends and to beat the overall market by letting you get into the best Fidelity funds that are making a sustainable move.

We rank a large pool of mutual funds from the overall industry. In addition, we have rankings for the best Fidelity mutual funds, a special ranking for the best Fidelity Select funds since they have a shorter holding period, and ETF rankings as well.

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Of course, ETF’s have no minimum holding period like mutual funds, but there are trading costs that include brokerage fees and bid/ ask spreads, so our rankings are optimized around a 2 month holding period, although you are free to use them as you wish.


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In addition, we will publish articles on topics that are of interest to investors who want to trade mutual funds and ETF’s. We include articles on new fund offerings, traditional topics like diversification and asset allocation, and some market timing.

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