ETFs - Exchange Traded Funds

Silver ETF - Pros and Cons of the Silver ETF (SLV)

The silver ETF (SLV) gives investors the option to track silver prices in their portfolio without the cost and inconvenience of holding the actual silver. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of trading the silver ETF.

Gold ETF - Diversify Your Portfolio with Gold

Gold mutual funds and gold company ETFs are a good way to diversify your portfolio, but one of the disadvantages is that the price of the gold companies don’t always track exactly with the price of gold. But if you want an investment that will do that, but don’t want to hold gold itself, there is an alternative. Here’s a look a the gold ETF.

Oil ETF - Fund Investors Can Trade the Oil Market

Investing in oil stocks is an attractive way to diversify away from the overall market. Another alternative that is now available is trading an oil ETF. It is a low cost way for the average investor who doesn’t trade commodities to take a position in the oil market. Here’s a look at how the oil ETF trades.

Foreign Currency ETFs - A Look at Foreign Currency Funds

One of the largest markets in the world are the foreign currency exchanges, but the average investor doesn’t have access to trading in those currencies. With the introduction of foreign currency exchange traded funds, these ETFs make it possible for even the small investor to take a position in these markets. This article takes a look at the markets that are being traded now.

Junk Bond ETF - A Look at a High Yield Bond ETF

If you are looking for a high yield investment, and are not afraid of some higher than average risk, junk bonds have historically provided above average yields. A high yield bond ETF will provide diversification without the expense of a typical bond fund. Here’s a look at the risks and rewards.

Double ETF’s and Triple ETF’s - Watch the Time Value Decay

Double ETF’s and Triple ETF’s are attractive because of the increased return that you can get if you are in the right sector at the right time. But this added leverage comes at a cost. Here’s a look at how this added leverage will work in a variety of price movements.

Foreign ETFs - A Look at Foreign Country Exchange Traded Funds

The Wisdom of Foreign Sector ETFs

By Carl Delfeld

Investing in overseas sectors has been a hit and miss proposition until Wisdom Tree recently rolled out its ten foreign sector ETFs. How do these compare with other options such as global sector and country specific ETFs?

ETFs are a convenient, flexible, transparent, low-cost and tax-efficient way for investors to gain some international exposure but the choices can be overwhelming. They include country-specific, ADR, global, global sector, regional, foreign currency, and the new international sector ETFs.

ETFs vs Mutual Funds - Advantages and Disadvantages of ETFs

Exchange Traded Funds: Why You Should Never Buy a Mutual Fund Again

by John M. McClure

Copyright 2006 Equitrend, Inc.

Many investors still don’t know about Exchange Traded Funds (or ETFs) and their advantages over traditional mutual funds. In this article, we’ll examine Exchange Traded Funds, their history, performance and advantages and why you should never buy a mutual fund again.

ETF 101

Exchange Traded Funds can most accurately be described as the happy marriage of a stock with a mutual fund.

ETF’s - Properly Diversifying with ETFs

ETFs Unplugged

By Carl Delfeld

Is your financial advisor missing a critical piece to the ETF?

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are great investment tools but most have a flaw that investors and advisors usually miss. Let’s take a look under the hood and introduce some new and innovative ETF products.

The Disadvantages of ETF’s - Key Factors to Watch in ETF’s

ETF Investments: Understanding “The Dark Side” of Exchange Traded Funds

by Dr. Mark Skousen

Until now, I’ve been a big fan of ETF investments (Exchange Traded Funds). After all, they offer choice, flexibility, low costs and tax efficiency, among other benefits. And they’re growing like wildfire…

Investing in ETF’s - Eight Rules for Successful ETF Investing

Investing in exchange traded funds is similar to investing in mutual funds, but there are a few differences. Here are some rules to invest by that will help you succeed in your investments.

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